Our Mission, Vision, & History

Our Mission

The Kids Hurt Too Hawai’i’s mission is to strengthen connections to the community by bringing together grieving and traumatized children, teens, and their parents in safe and healing ways that reflect Hawaiian values.*
*The connections to Hawaiian values often come through collaborations with organizations in the community.

Our Vision

Kids Hurt Too Hawaii has a vision to restore healthy growth and development for grieving and traumatized children and stabilize families in crisis


Kids Hurt Too Hawaii started in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Outreach for Grieving Youth Alliance. It was formed after an advisory council identified three needs in Hawaii:
– Support for children impacted by death, divorce, and placement in foster care.
– Specialized training for providers and caregivers.
– Crisis intervention after death from homicide, suicide, accidents, and disasters.
The name “Kids Hurt Too” was chosen by children in 2006. In 2011, the official name of the organization became “Kids Hurt Too Hawaii.” Since its beginning, Kids Hurt Too Hawaii has provided group support and training services to thousands of children, youth, caregivers, and providers.
Kids Hurt Too Hawaii is supported by donations, grants, and contracts. All Kids Hurt Too Hawaii programs and services are free to eligible participants.

“We can’t prevent domestic violence, victimization of children, and loss of family members. But, we can provide resources that help children cope with those difficult situations.” – Cynthia White, Co-Founder & Executive Director