Kids Hurt Too Hawaii Provides Services to Grieving and Traumatized Children, Youth, and Their Caregivers

What We Do at Kids Hurt Too Hawaii

Kids Hurt Too Hawaii (KHTH) offers free services to grieving and traumatized children and youth (ages 3 through 17 years old). KHTH provides a safe space to connect with others, to tell their stories, and express their feelings. All children in our program have lost one or both parents due to death, incarceration, divorce, domestic violence, or other causes. Many have been placed in foster care. KHTH programs also provide support for the caregivers of these children and youth, who attend groups and activities with their minor children. We strive to create conditions that allow children to draw strength from each other. The kinds of support and resources we offer have proven successful at restoring hope after trauma, grief, and loss.


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“We can’t prevent domestic violence, victimization of children, and loss of family members. But, we can provide resources that help children cope with those difficult situations.” – Cynthia White, Co-Founder & Executive Director